Avoid These Common Mistakes with Home Music Recording

Avoid These Common Mistakes with Home Music Recording

New Developments in Home Mixing

With the continuous developments of technology these days, it has become much easier than ever before to say goodbye to that expensive recording studio, and proceed to high-quality music recording right in the comforts of your home. Sadly, many people who choose to make music at home end up committing several amateur mistakes which only result to a lower quality music.

If you are planning to give home music recording a try anytime soon, below are some of the important tips you have to remember to avoid the unnecessary mistakes that can compromise your music.

Don’t Go Overboard with Mixing

Most amateur recorders have the tendency to go gaga with the signal processing. It specifically applies as far as the effects are concerned. It is best to start off slow then build from there because excessive effects can end up annoying the general listening audience.

Inspect Your Mix Room

You have to know that the room where you will do the recording can have a major impact on the overall sound of your recording. It will be best if you record inside a room which will not create a lot of echoes. Remember that the living room will be so much better than your garage.

Watch the Gain Levels

Every time you record, see to it that you don’t record too low or too high with your gain levels. When you mix, things can get much harder when controlling the sound input quality. Usually, gain levels of around 45 to 60 percent are suitable.

Tune the Instruments Perfectly

Many artists who will come to you will not have an idea about the importance of perfect tuning. Make sure that there is a high grade instrument tuner handy for your instruments to be in good working order.

You’re as Strong as Your Weakest Component

You have to keep in mind that it is a must to rent or use better quality equipment for music recording. There is no way that low-quality equipment will be able to create the bests sounds, right? See to it that the equipment you choose will be able to produce and make the exact sounds you like to achieve.

Put That Metronome to Good Use

Make sure that you get a metronome, or at least see to it that if you record live drums, they also have one. It is imperative to keep the music at a consistent tempo when you record with several tracks. When you don’t follow the tempo and beat perfectly, it will be difficult for the musicians later on to contribute their parts after you finished recording yours.

Be Patient

Every time you record music, you will feel like flying through every different track and every different instrument. Music recording is a form of art, and it definitely takes both patience and time to get everything sounding as perfect as possible. Remember that you can no longer fix a mistake the moment you burn it to disc. So, make sure you take your time and enjoy the best music recording possible.

Trust Your Own Ears

There is a great resource on this over at this website. It’s a long read but well worth it. It’s @ this page.


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